Power Modules

All modules related to providing power to our FAB Modules. This will include modules related to AC-to-DC power sources (line level, 110V or 220V AC operation), or DC-DC converters, voltage regulators both Linear and Switching, including isolated and non-isolated outputs.

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FAB1215 - 12V to +/-15VDC Power Supply Module
FAB1215 Module will supply +/-15V DC voltages to your project, from a 12Volts DC Source (wall war..
FAB1248 - 12V to 48V DC/DC Converter Module
The FAB1248 Module is a 12Volts to 48Volts DC/DC Converter Plugin Module. You can use this in you..
6" F/F Cable 10-pin IDC
This is an approx. 6" long Female-to-Female, 10-pin ribbon cable. This cable is required to conne..
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