Output Modules

All modules related to the Output Section. These will include XLR Male jacks, TRS jacks, Output Transformers, Balanced Line Drivers, Sends, Auxilliary Outputs, etc

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FAB3010 - XLR Output Module
The FAB3010 is an XLR Output Module. It features RFI protection, and a logic-controlled Polarity ..
FAB3110 - Output Transformer Module
You can use any API-type output transformer on our FAB3110 module. Shown here is an EA transforme..
FAB3130 - Edcor Output Transformer Module
This is our FAB3130 module for the Edcor PC Series output transformers. These output transformers..
FAB3346 - Unbalanced to Balanced Driver Module
  FAB3346 is an unbalanced to balanced line driver module using a THAT1646 PDIP8 chip. ..
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