OpAmp Test Jig

OpAmp Test Jig
OpAmp Test Jig OpAmp Test Jig OpAmp Test Jig
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Jig for testing discrete opamps or PDIP opamps.

BNC jacks to connect easily to scopes, signal generator, or analyzer equipment.

On-board jumpers to switch the preamp from Buffer (unity gain), Inverting Amplifier, or Non-Inverting Amplifier configurations.

On-board jumpers to select Gain for the Inverting and Non-Inverting Amplifier configuration.

Lots of Test Pads on the PCB for easy access by your multimeter probes.

On-board LEDs for V+ and V- voltage rails... to monitor power supply voltages. (Usually, one of the LEDs go off or dims if the opamp is bad.)

Selectable Output Load switch... no load, 600R, 10K.  You can change the resistor load to whatever value you want.

PDIP IC sockets, and Mill Max sockets included.

Resistors and Capacitors are not included in the kit.  However, suggested values for resistors and caps are silkscreened on the board.

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