Electronic Load PCB

Electronic Load PCB
Electronic Load PCB Electronic Load PCB Electronic Load PCB
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This is an adjustable constant current Electronic Load PCB, when assembled can be used for testing of power supplies, DC-DC converters or batteries. Just dial the knob on how much current draw you'd like (from a few milliamps to several amps), and the electronic load will do it's job of dissipating all that Power (Volts x Current) from your PSU under test. A 12VDC power supply is all that is required by the Electronic Load.
Two heavy-duty heatsinks (typically used in computer microprocessors) with integrated cooling fans are used to keep your power MOSFETs cool, allowing you to dissipate anywhere from a few watts to couple hundred watts of power in a very small package.
Note: This is a PCB only. Schematic, and Parts List can be found on our website at fivefishaudio.com 

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