SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp

SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp
SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp
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NOTE: Power Supply Required!

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3rd Generation! SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp Kit

The SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp is a clean, "fast", clear, low-noise, high-gain preamp. It's sound is very transparent, offering a flat response, smooth highs and well-defined mids.


None – this feature was introduced in the original SC-1 preamp (mk1 version)
mk2 – this feature was first introduced in the SC-1mk2 version, and also available in the mk3 version 
mk3 – this feature is new for the SC-1mk3 version

  • Low-Noise, High-Quality Mic Preamp
  • All solid-state design, using chipsets from THAT Corp and Burr-Brown
  • Soft-start, slow ramp-on +48V phantom power
  • mk2: Option to use input transformer for added sound “flavor”
  • mk2: Gain range from +12 to +72dB, in 6dB increments from +12db to +42dB; 4dB increments from 46dB to 72dB.
  • mk2: Onboard Power Supply Regulation, adjustable +/- voltage rails
  • mk2: Reduced clicking and popping when changing gains
  • mk3: Further reduced clicking and popping when changing gains
  • mk3: Robust 48Volt short circuit protection (from accidental phantom power shorts)
  • mk3: LED-lighted push buttons for phantom power, -20dB pad and polarity reverse
  • mk3: VU Meter, 5-LED bargraph
  • mk3: Relay controlled Pads
  • mk3: Relay controlled Polarity Reverse
  • mk3: Bigger PCB area, more room to work with
  • mk3: Hole locations compatible with our X-12 Mic Preamp. (Now you can have (1) X-12 Mic Preamp and (1) SC-1mk3 Mic Preamp in the same 1u Rack Case)
  • Electronically balanced input and output stages with option to use Input Transformer
  • 12-position Grayhill gain selector switch
  • Input RFI protection
  • Input clamping protection
  • Output surge protection circuit
  • Output RFI protection
  • High quality Bourns, sealed, conductive plastic potentiometer for volume control
  • Gold-plated, machined, low-profile IC sockets
  • Use of high quality 1% Metal Film resistors, and high-quality ceramic and electrolytic capacitors
  • Solder pads for optional INSERT jacks
  • On-board jumper terminals
  • Easy to assemble, easy to troubleshoot design
  • Thick PCB board with 2oz. copper
  • Very affordable!!! This is quality product that is reasonably affordable! (i.e. because there are no middlemen, and we don’t do expensive glossy magazine advertising! )

Download PDF file of Assembly Guide/Kit Instructions


Audio Samples

Listen to SC-1 Audio/Demo Sound clips


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